Goldie is the daughter of Gypsy and we fell in love with her while she was still wet behind the ears.  She has so much energy and is extremely athletic. When she is not dancing on the ceiling or bouncing off the walls she will clear the desk of everything that is not secured and lay down and take a nap.
We love her light lemon background and her rosettes are still forming. She is just four months old in these pictures and will become even more beautiful in the coming months. Her babies  are awesome!! 

Folly is our youngest queen and is spectacular

Folly has a remarkable pelt with great contrast. She is the daughter of Kay Cee Royal and Gypsy. When I saw her at her birth I just knew I had to keep her for my own.

Romance on my mind

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Romance has it all, structure, unbelievable pelt, and is also a lover!! She will not be denied when she wants attention. She likes to drink from the faucet and lets me know when to turn the water on. Now if she would just learn to turn it off herself. 

Romance on my mind

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beautiful Rosettes long long body
Romance has the long body that delights breeders.
Just look at her glass like pelt!  You can see that she is dripping in glitter.
She and Kay Cee Royal produce kittens that breeders dream about!

This is Gypsy one of our brown spotted queens.

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Gypsy is really young in this picture, but I really like this one. She laid on the  blue blanket used under Charley Browns Christmas tree.

Gypsy streches out on back of sofa

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Gypsy and her long body
Gypsy has a slick pelt with darkly outlined rosettes. She is super loving that only enhances her beauty. Great bone structure and a graceful movement makes her  special.

She is fully grown in this picture.