Goldie nursing her litter of kittens

Goldie is nursing and our dog Adner takes them away to play with. They will ready for new homes after September 11.  This is a very fun litter as they have free run of our home. They know their food comes from the refrigeratior and when the door opens, they all come running and wanting their raw food. They are using the litter box and eating and eating and eating.  

Silver Charcoal 

Silver Charcoal Bengals are fairly rare. He is the sweetest kitten and purrs all the time. He is still in the fuzzy stage in these photos.   He is being raised with two dogs.
If you like rare colors give me a call 815 252 9126 and I can give you the latest information on this jewel. 

Goldie had five kittens born July 3rd.  

We have two brown spotted girls  and two brown marbles, one girl and one boy

The brown marble kittens

One girl  and one boy

This brown marble girl is what the marble kittens will look like when older.


Goldies two spotted girls

The background color will be a honey/tan and the spots will be beautiful rosetts