Maverick one big beautiful Bengal

Maverick is the king of his home.

I love how regal he looks.  Just look at those big Wisker pads

New kitten in family

Mom was hoping the kitten would like her best.  Looks like she might be losing.  They had just had the kitten a few hours and she is fitting right in.  

This is a cashmere (long haired) Bengal boy at just a few months old. We called him the kitten with no meow!! He sounds more like a puppy than a cat. 


Quinn found water!!

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Bengals love water.


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Murray in one of his tutus
Well Murray has been taught how by his two year old owners. He even wears a tutu and loves it.  Bengals rock!!

love the measurements on this one

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You can't have just one Bengal!!

Bengals are so active and two can work off some of their boundless energy together. I have two families that have four of my babies!! They can become addictive.

kid tested and kid approved!!

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kid tested and kid approved.
Bengals love children!!

checking everything

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what can I do next?

wow wow wow

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ok, purple is my favorite color, had to use this one

did I say nice?

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nice Bengal
Looks regal.

Christmas card Santa Claws

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Santa Claws
I love this one.


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lots of slinky here

Bengals love childern

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girl and bengal
Bengals are loud and active just like children! They are perfect together

Oh oh, fish!

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watch out fish